What is „In Vino Lidia”?

What is „In Vino Lidia”?

Know more about the wines! Learn more about the wines in a unique way when a workshop base wine dinner comes together with structured paper based knowledge! Over the evening you will be getting familiar with those base pillars of the Hungarian and International Wine „Business” that could be applied next morning in your shopping!

Lidia Fule who has been in loved with wines for 5 years. I passed the intermediate and advanced sommelier exam, being wine blogger or volunteer of Borkollegium (the biggest wine school of Budapest). Usually, i am work with the group of Advanced class next to Ms Gabriella Meszaros who is a well-recognized professional in the area in Hungary. E. g. – she is the one who select the Hungarian wines for the protocol events in the Parliament annual basis. If i am not there then i enjoy the time with my guests. The story of “In Vino Lidia” started by my senior management’s enthusiasm who asked me to organize event to learn about the Hungarian wine regions instead of a boring business dinner.

The concept of "In Vino Lidia" is simple:

not only your stomach but your mind also needs to work during my evening.

The event has specific structure where we are learning together with help of charts, maps, booklets, quiz. My guests are a special group of consumers who does not have time and motivation to go to wine school but has strong interest to know more about the content of her / his wine glass. I have been totally impressed when my “student” could call me from the shopping mall and sharing theri joy that they know what “samorodni” means on the title or got the point what the difference is between the Processo or Champagne.

The upcoming next evening is about the sparkling wines!

We will explore how many different sparkling wines are on the market? Why champagne called is champagne? What do „Prosecco”, „Cava” and the original French „Champagne” mean? Having historical background of the Hungarian champagne production. We will compare the Hungarian wine regions with the famous region of Champagne!

At the end of the evening we will have quiz where your knowledge is being tested. All participants will get valuable Hungarian Wine Guide Book and the official Encylopedy is issued by the Hungarian Government in English. The best „students” will be awarded with great Hungarian wines and champagnes.

Registration is required in advance with the payment of the full participation fee.

Date: As per order
Venue: Varosliget Cafe, 1146 Budapest, Olof Palme setany 6.

Participation fee: HUF 21.990Ft

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